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26 09 10 - The state of IB
Del Marquis
Soooo basically, my crummy webhost packed up shop without notice. In case you remember, this is the second time this happens (I apparently have very bad luck with webhosts...) Unfortunately, unlike last time, no kind soul will swoop in take over the company and I have no backup of the boards on my computer (and if I do, I cannot find it. AT.ALL.) What that means is that 2 years worth of online shenanigans are most likely completely gone.

I have bought a ONE MONTH subscription with a new host for now. So... shall we start over? Y/N?

PS: You can still comment if you don't have an LJ account. You'll just be "Anonymous", lol.

ETA: Old webhost seems to be back online... but I can't access the CPanel to grab IB's data. Noooooo. D:

ETA2: I *think* I managed to get the MySQL files (ie, where all the posts are logged). Yay? I will be conducting tests during the week, so if connections become wonky, you know whats up. *returns to her books*

I have lost all interest in doujinshi collecting so I am putting what's left of my collection up for sale. I want to liquidate all of it so feel free to haggle. I won't mind lowering it if it's a reasonable deal.

All doujins are in mint condition as I have only looked through them once or twice and they've sat on my shelf ever since.

Selling info

  • I accept Paypal payments only.
  • Prices are in USD.
  • Doujinshis are available until sold.
  • If you are interested, please leave a comment, PM or email me at mattocaster [at] hotmail.com
  • If you want more details on a doujin or samples, feel free to ask!
  • My paypal address is phaustkiipofeh [at] gmail.com

Packaging and postage fees (via lettermail from Canada): 3$ (Canada), 5$ (US) and 9$ (International).
For combined shipping weighting up to 500g (approx. 3 doujins): 5$ (Canada), 9$ (US) and 17$ (International).

Bleach - Nnoitra x Neliel (5)Collapse )
Bleach - Ulquiorra x Orihime (22)Collapse )
Evangelion - Shinji x Kaworu (1)Collapse )
Yu-Gi-Oh - Bakura x Seto (1), Ryou x Bakura (2)Collapse )
04 03 09 - Using LJ
Del Marquis
Hookay, so here's the jig. I'm blogging elsewhere now but I'm still on LJ to lurk in for the sweet communities.  

ETA 08/13/10: I'll probably revive this once I revive my actual blog and cross post them here.
Totally Awesome
Can somebody have such a fine arse?   God forgive me, but I cannot keep my eyes off those masculine rumps rotflol.  Thank goodness for sunglasses so nobody can see my drifting eyes XDDD.
Stan Sitwell
How could I have not noticed miscalling a band for 2 years?

It's Modest Mouse, not Modest House... I'm such an illiterate dumbass.  And there I was thinking "Ooooh that band (Modest Mouse) has a similar name to Modest House, the band that did Float On!" 

Where did I put that paperbag?

PS: This pre-made layout is temporary until I move my rear end and make something nice :)  Thank God LJ doesn't have fucked up CSS like MySpace.
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